Streets Department
Jim Kenney, Mayor
Michael Carroll, Acting, Streets Commissioner

Street Defect Request - Wednesday, 11/22/2017

In 2006, the Streets Department launched an aggressive and innovative initiative to improve the quality of roadways in Philadelphia. Through Operation Smooth Streets, the City of Philadelphia provides an improved roadway maintenance schedule, extending the life cycle of roads and an improved quality of life for citizens. The focus of this strategy is to provide a targeted and heavy attack on roadway street defects resulting in less long-term degradation damage of the street surface.

There are various types of streets defects but the three most common are potholes, cave-ins and ditches:
    • Potholes -are bowl-shaped or irregular shaped holes in the asphalt layer of the roadway
    • Cave-ins - (sometimes called sinkholes) are irregular shaped holes that penetrate through the concrete base caused by undermining
    • Ditches - are rectangular excavations in the roadway. These cuts are made by utilities and plumbers to reach underground lines

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Service Standard

Response time of 3 business days (requests reported by 2pm Monday through Friday, and found on City and State streets will be repaired within the next 3 business days)

Redresss - The Streets Department will notify customer if pothole repair is not made within three days.

Service Standard

Repairs to cave-ins entail repairing the subsurface of the roadway and may involve repairs by property owners and/or other utility agencies (Water Department, PGW, PECO, cable utilities). Every effort will be made to address permanent restoration in a timely manner.

Service Standard

Response time of 45 business days.

Redress - the Streets Department will notify customer if ditch repair is not made within 45 business days.