Streets Department
Michael Nutter, Mayor
Dave J. Perri, P.E., Streets Commissioner

Bike Rack Request - Sunday, 04/26/2015

Bike Rack Installation Permit:

Bicycle rack permits are required for all bike racks installed in the public right of way. Not all locations are suitable for rack installation. Please refer to the attached guide for specific dimensions and spacing requirements.

How to apply:

Download the application HERE Fill out the attached application and return all items listed in this checklist by e-mail or in paper copy as listed below:

    Electronic forms must be e-mailed to:
    Paper Copies must be mailed or hand delivered to:
      Attn: Aaron Ritz
      Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities
      1401 JFK, Suite 1430

      Philadelphia, PA 19102

What to expect:

Most locations will require a site visit by a Right of Way Inspector. The Streets Department will send inspectors on a regular basis to make sure that the bike rack location meets installation guidelines. Once the site is inspected and assuming it meets the guidelines, you will be issued a permit for approximately 30 days. When the rac has been installed, you must notify the City and final inspection and issuance of the permit will occur. This permanent permit is to be kept on file and presented at the request of any City agency. If at any point, changes occur to the design of the rack or its final location, those must be submitted as a separate applicaiton with attached reference to the initial version.

For technical assistance with bicycle rack installation procedures contact:
    Aaron Ritz, Bicycle & Pedestrian Programs Planner
    Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities
    Phone: 215-686-9000
Bike Rack Application Checklist:

Please make sure your application for bike rack includes all of the following items:

    ____City of Philadelphia Bike Rack Application page 2 completed and signed (This will become your permanent permit)
    ____Scale drawing of proposed rack installation with measurements (Use page 3 or other scale drawing or rendering)

    ____Photograph of the area of the sidewalk/street where the racks are to be installed clearly showing sidewalk and clearances.

Rack installation must comply with guidelines found pages 4-9 of the application and guide

    ____Include description of rack design with application
    ____Rack design complies with size and construction guidance (Page 4)
    ____Rack located in compliance with spacing and location guidelines (Page 6)